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SJSU Antivirus

Message from the CIO

Protecting your computer assets from viruses is a fulltime job! Today there are endless attempts to encroach on our systems. They have become very clever and are constantly thinking of new ways to get past firewalls and spam filters!

DID YOU KNOW that a brand new computer purchased today has a likelihood of being infected or compromised within 1 to 5 minutes of connecting to a high speed network?

And the number of new viruses and threats is increasing every day. That is why SJSU is launching a new Anti-Virus software to take another step in protecting the university and your environment. This software is available to all systems that SJSU deploys and also your computers at home.

It is critical that you take advantage of this new solution. We will help make it very easy to get and install. On the campus the IT techs will help make this happen! For your home we are setting this up on a webpage to download and auto-majically install.